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Wedding Tips: How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning!

If you’re currently planning your wedding, it’s safe to say you’ve probably spent a little time (or more likely…way too many hours!) on Pinterest.

Filled with a seemingly endless stream of creative ideas and beautiful styling inspiration, Pinterest has quickly become the go-to app for engaged couples. Which is why using Pinterest for wedding planning can be both extremely helpful, and entirely overwhelming at the same time!

Although we reckon Pinterest is a seriously amazing resource, it can quickly become daunting without knowing exactly how to navigate your way throughout the platform.

From keeping your pins organised to finding relevant inspiration, keep reading for our top 5 tips on using Pinterest for wedding planning!

How to use Pinterest for wedding planning tips


The thing about Pinterest is – it’s addictive. What starts out as a quick search for bouquet inspiration, soon becomes an entire Saturday evening browsing invitation suites and cake toppers! Pins can easily get lost over time, so it’s essential to have a strategy to keep your inspiration organised and easy to refer back to.

The best way to organise your pins is to create an individual board for each element of your wedding – so, table decor, stationery, hair and makeup, lighting, etc. This will make it much easier to go back and find the pins you love when you need them. You can also divide each board into “sections” if you want to get really specific!

Once you’ve created your individual boards, it can also be helpful to create one “master” board with a curated selection of your absolute favourite pins. Use this board to save your top 2-3 picks from each category. When complete, this master board will essentially reflect your overall wedding vision or “theme” for the day, and you can easily see how each of your different elements work together!

How to use Pinterest for wedding planning tips


Pinterest is a visual search engine filled with literally billions of different images – so finding the right inspiration can sometimes feel impossible! To streamline your time spent on Pinterest, get specific with your search terms to help you find relevant inspiration, quicker.

Think about the different adjectives, words and colours that best describe your vision for the day, such as romantic, organic, modern, festival, luxe, etc. These are the words you should be using in your Pinterest searches to help you find the best results.

For example, instead of searching for “wedding table settings”, search for “bohemian wedding table settings”, “modern colourful table settings” or “white and green wedding table settings”.

Bonus tip: Once you find a pin you love, click the circular icon hovering on the corner of the image. This is the “visually similar results” tool, and allows Pinterest to scan the image and provide you with similar ones to match!

How to use Pinterest for wedding planning tips How to use Pinterest for wedding planning tips


Remember that master board we spoke about earlier? Sharing this board with your different wedding suppliers is a great way to communicate your ideas to them throughout the planning process.

Go ahead and share your master board with suppliers like your wedding planner, wedding stylist or floral designer to help them understand exactly what you’re envisaging for your big day. Trying to describe your dream wedding without a visual reference can sometimes be tricky, but your master board will help to ensure everyone is on the same page.

You might also want to leave notes on your pins to further help your suppliers understand your thought process. For example, “Love the style of this bouquet, but with more florals and less greenery”. Sharing your boards with your wedding suppliers allows them to contribute their own pins and suggestions too, making it easy to bounce ideas and collaborate.

How to use Pinterest for wedding planning tips


The great thing about Pinterest is you aren’t just limited to pinning from within the actual platform. The Pinterest browser button allows you to save images from anywhere across the web, so download this before you get stuck into your wedding planning – you never know where inspiration might strike!

Use the Pinterest browser button to pin your favourite inspiration from real weddings, styled shoots and other wedding blog features online. You can also pin images from the website galleries of your wedding suppliers and wedding venue too, so keep this nifty button handy as you browse through their portfolios.

How to use Pinterest for wedding planning tips


As much as we love to draw inspiration from Pinterest, it’s also important to keep your expectations in check! Remember, many of the images you see on Pinterest are from carefully curated styled shoots or luxury weddings with huge budgets. It just might not be feasible to replicate them exactly for your own big day.

Instead, embrace Pinterest as a source of inspiration but make sure your expectations are realistic, too. Think about how you can take ideas from Pinterest but tailor them to suit your own wedding vision, budget and priorities for the day. This will also help you plan a celebration that feels authentic, unique and completely personalised to you and your partner!

Ready to get started with using Pinterest for wedding planning? We’re constantly updating our Pinterest page with modern wedding inspiration and creative styling ideas from our Tweed Coast wedding venues and suppliers. You can find us on Pinterest right here, or check out our latest blogs for more wedding inspiration from the Tweed Coast!

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