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Wedding planning can be an absolute minefield, we get it. So many decisions to make, meetings to go to and that overwhelming pressure to make it all picture perfect for your one special day, while at the same time balancing work, family, friends and trying to actually enjoy engaged life. We don’t blame you if overwhelm hits!

So if you’re newly engaged and considering getting married on the Tweed Coast (feel free to check the amazing venue options here,) this blog series is for you. We want to help make your wedding planning process simple and stress-free, and who better to give us information and inspiration than a real-life couple getting married on the Tweed Coast.

Over the next couple of months, we will follow the real-life wedding planning process with Tweed Coast locals Jocelyn Savage and Ethan Price.


We sat down with the loved-up couple to find out a bit more about how they met, the incredibly romantic proposal and their dreamy engagement photo shoot.

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Tell us a little about who Jocelyn and Ethan are…

Joss: I was born in the US but my family moved to the Tweed Coast when I was 8. This area is home to me and I can’t see myself ever living anywhere else! I’m a registered nurse and part-time model.

Ethan: Born and bred on the Tweed Coast, my family has deep roots here. I played Rugby League for the Gold Coast Titans and now I’m a personal trainer and a teacher.

Tell us about when you first met…

Joss: We met on a blind date, I was studying nursing with his sister, and she set us up.

Ethan: Straight after our first date I went back to my friend’s place and joked that I was going to marry the girl I had just met. I meant it.

Ethan, you’re proposal was fairly elaborate, you’ve certainly set the bar pretty high! What made you go so grand with the proposal?

Ethan: The story plots from every rom-com I have watched since I was a kid. No, I actually had a dream one night about my proposal and when I woke up, I wrote it all down. I basically copied that! I had lots of help from close friends and family to set things up.

How did you choose the ring?

Ethan: Joss had told me the style of ring that she liked and I asked her to send me a photo of her ‘dream ring’. I secretly met with a few jewellers who were amazing at showing me the different qualities of diamonds and once I knew what I was looking for I found an amazing one.

Image credit: Catie Allen

Talk us through the days leading into and on the proposal?

Ethan: I was definitely nervous but also super excited. I kept looking at the weather forecast hoping that it wouldn’t rain. I had organised Joss to go to Brisbane with a friend for the day so that I would have time and an alibi to set things up. It was a very busy day but I was super stoked with the finished setup! After she said yes, our close friends and family joined us for a drink. I could have gotten married right there and then.

(We’ll give you a moment while you all swoon a little!)

Jocelyn, were you surprised?

Joss: VERY!

So, you pulled off the proposal like a pro, what are your top tips for planning the perfect proposal?  

Ethan: I guess it depends what you envision as ‘perfect’. I chose something that I knew suited Joss’s personality and knew she would love. I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted it to look and did a little bit of pinteresting (slightly ashamed to admit) for ideas. I think whatever you do it is important to be organised. I asked one of Joss’s close friends (who happens to be a photographer) to hide and capture the moment, which was super special. I feel that women just want to know you have made an effort. No matter how simple or extravagant the day is.

Not long after the amazing proposal photos hit Instagram, we saw your stunning engagement photos. What made you decide to have an engagement shoot?

Joss: We were approached by Gold Coast photographer, Nathan Lapham to do a shoot and I loved the look of his work so I thought why not! I’m so glad we have those photos now as a memory of this exciting time in our lives.

Image credit: Nathan Lapham

So how’s the wedding planning coming along? Have you locked in a venue?

Joss: Yep, we’ve locked in a venue. It’s been a lot easier than I expected! I think that comes down to our amazing suppliers, photographers etc who we trust 100% to create the wedding of our dreams.

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Stay tuned for part two of this Real Couple Wedding Planning Series, when we will find out where Jocelyn and Ethan decided to get hitched, how they chose their suppliers and some all-important practical tips that you can learn from.

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Until then, you can keep up to date with live stories on Jocelyn’s Instagram and of course the Tweed Coast Weddings Instagram.

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