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5 Reasons Why the Tweed Coast is the Best Coast for your Wedding

When it comes to choosing a location for your wedding, we are fortunate in Australia to be spoilt for choice, with so many beautiful spots along the coastlines surrounding our island country. But there’s a reason why we’re called Tweed Coast Weddings instead of Australian Coast weddings, because we passionately feel that the Tweed can offer benefits that other coastal locations cannot, making it the perfect destination to get married.

If you’re not already swayed by our warm climates, pristine beaches, lush hinterland, natural wonders and emerging foodie culture, then read on for five reasons why the Tweed Coast is the best coast for your wedding.

Photo – Nathan Lapham



All 10 of the Tweed Coast Weddings venues are licensed venues that are approved to run weddings. The last thing you want is to have your venue shut down two weeks before your wedding because they didn’t have the necessary approvals to run events like weddings (you can read more about that here.) We’ve seen this happen to couples and it is heart breaking, absolutely not worth the risk. Tweed Coast Weddings venues are premium venues with first class service and experienced teams to help deliver your dream day.

 Photos – Top: Figtree Wedding Photography. Middle: Cloud Catcher Studio. Bottom: Florin Lane.



Some popular locations for weddings inflate their prices simply because they can. If couples flock to a hotspot location, their prices will increase – supply and demand! So the shine that may surround a big city or a Hollywood hotspot can have serious impacts on your budget. With the venue being one of the most expensive decisions of your wedding day, making the right choice is going to help shape how the rest of your wedding looks – spending a bit less on the venue hire will allow you to spend more on your food and drinks, flowers and styling.



There’s nothing worse when you’ve knocked back a couple of cocktails, finally ready to hit the dancefloor and the music is unplugged. Some heavily residential areas can have super early curfews, meaning your party is cut short. The noise restrictions on the Tweed Coast are really fair, of course the party has to wrap up at some point but it’s late in the night after hours of dance floor fun has been had.



Our coastal and hinterland towns are quietly nestled between glitzy Gold Coast and bustling Byron Bay in Northern NSW, and while the region is growing with new developments and families and couples searching for that seaside lifestyle, we are certainly less hectic, in comparison to our neighbouring coasts. This means availability at not only wedding venues, but accommodation and restaurants is much easier to access. So if you’re planning a big wedding with lots of travelling guests or a wedding with a shorter lead time, making bookings is going to be so much smoother.



While the Tweed Coast is far from undiscovered, the rapid rate of growth of culture, activities, small business ventures and events in our region, means new things to see and do are popping up all the time. Beautiful local artisans, produce farms, unique experiences and untouched natural spots, (jump on the Tweed Coast Guide to check out the best of the best.) So as far as being a destination for your dream day where your guests get a holiday as well as a wedding, you just can’t go past the Tweed Coast.

Photos – Top: Halcyon House. Middle: The Hideaway. Bottom: Nectar.


To check out our premium wedding venues, click here or to discover more about the Tweed Coast, here over to our sister business, Tweed Coast Guide.


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