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Planning your Wedding day can be demanding process. We got together with our Casuarina Weddings Celebrants to bring you some top tips to help create a stress-free day for both you and your guests.

It is your big day and your friends and family are all together to celebrate your love. Everyone wants to hear your vows, so take your time when speaking to each other. Don’t rush your words, and try not to say anything that isn’t a true reflection of you. During the ceremony stay close to each other. Don’t have a large space between you. There’s nothing wrong with a reassuring hug and kiss if you feel the urge at any time, after all, you are both the stars of the day, so support each other. Candice Wilson

Stay traditional if that’s what you’re into but throw caution to the wind of change if the traditions don’t have any relevance to your personal belief systems! Walk down the aisle together, have the Big Kiss at the start, swap tattoos instead of rings and fly the rings in on a beagle instead of an eagle. The wedding ceremony consists of 2 legal components and the rest should be included only if it floats your Love Boat! Benjamin Carlyle

On your Wedding day there is a lot going on and plans may often have to be slightly altered due to a number of reasons. To help ensure your special day to be as stress-free as possible it is very important to have a few trusted friends or family members who can act as contact points between the different parties. This will greatly decrease stress levels if plans are to change and allow time for adjustments to be made so you are free to enjoy your big day. – Rosemary Logan

If yours is an outdoor do, you must have a Plan B in place. Weather can be the scourge of any outdoor plans.  There’s nothing worse than fretting in the weeks prior to your wedding about the possibility of the weather gods causing you grief on your special day. You’ll have multiple other issues to think about.  Early in your planning consider your options and cover this base, take it off the radar so you don’t have to worry about it. Marg Walgers

This thing called love – it really is a divine opportunity to lift ourselves to be more than we could ever have been, had we not met and fallen in love with this one special and amazing soul. How perfect that you get to write and promise your devotion to each other – how incredible that you get to set the template for your life together by dedicating yourself in your own unique way. – Amala Janice Aldridge

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