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Weddings are the perfect excuse for the best party of your life! However, sometimes that party needs some ice breakers to help get it started…

Photo booths are one of the best ways to break the ice and get all your guests having heaps of fun and interacting with each other. Not only that, they also provide you with hundreds of entertaining photos of you and your guests, and also give your friends and family prints they can take home on the day as mementoes.

We find that positioning the booth near the dance floor at wedding receptions often works well. This lures quieter people into the action and also means you get plenty of the party atmosphere spilling over into the booth!

Open photo booths are becoming more popular than classic passport-style closed designs as they allow everyone to watch and enjoy the action. They also tend to be more portable, allow for infinite creativity with custom backdrops and positioning at the venue, give more room for people to really have fun with crazy masks and props, and also mean you can squeeze more people into shots! The Photo Booth Guys’ record stands at 19 people in one photo…

Instagram printing can also be added to your wedding photo booth, and is a modern take on the idea of using Polaroid cameras or giving out disposable cameras for guests to use. This really encourages lots of collaborative phonetography, and by uploading pics to Twitter or Instagram using a unique hashtag, guests get a printout. By getting two prints per shot you could create a photo wall at your reception that guests can find themselves on. People really love sharing and comparing their photographic efforts, and as an extra bonus you also get an online gallery of all your guests’ tagged photos at the end of the day!

For even more social media savvy, you could also add a social kiosk. This is essentially a tablet set up ready for guests to immediately post photo booth photos to their social profiles, and makes wedding social media a lot more open and sociable than people just poking at their phones… you also don’t have to wait quite so long to see photos appearing online!

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