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The Wedding Mic

The Wedding Mic’s Interviews Bring Guestbooks Alive!

What will your guests say about you?

Keep your guests entertained after the ceremony with The Wedding Mic host interviewing them and asking questions all about the newlywed couple.

The Wedding Mic host will be set up and ready to go after your ceremony, ready to grab your guests and interview them like superstars.

They will ask them questions to get the stories flowing. From the beautiful and heartfelt to the outright debaucherous.

How many times do couples actually go back and read their traditional guestbook? Usually once, and it’s the day after the wedding.

A video guestbook is something that you will love rewatching every anniversary.

With several flexible packages to choose from, we will work with you. We can set up between ceremony and reception. Before ceremony, during reception and even with the wedding party as they get ready.
Certain people you would rather not be interviewed? We get it. Certain people we MUST interview. We got you.

So, why settle for a traditional guestbook when you can have memories on video?

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