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The Message Co

The Modern Day Guest Book!

We offer a unique and innovative guestbook hire for your wedding day in the Tweed Coast and Northern Rivers. We are interactive and fun, an alternative (or addition) to the traditional guestbook. Replacing handwritten message from your loved ones with voice messages.

We will keep your guest entertained all night! When you hear guests cackling from across the room, you will know they have found The Message Co audio Guestbook.
Guests will love hearing from you through your personalised greeting. Your greeting will allow you to thank your guests for coming or share any news with them. Weddings days go so fast and it’s hard to chat with everyone. You’re greeting a great way to connect with your guests.
After hearing your greeting, at the beep guests are free to leave well wishes, give advice, or even sing to you! What they say is up to them.

Our audio guestbooks won’t just keep your guests entertained; they will also make a stunning centrepiece that will spark conversation. We have a range of phone styles to match any wedding décor.

You will be truly touched by the emotion you hear in the messages from The Message Co audio guestbook. You will probably cry (happy tears of course), you will certainly laugh. They will instantly take you back to one of your favourite days each time you listen to the messages. These will be memories to cherish for years to come.

We would love to entertain your guests and provide you the most incredible memories. Please contact us and we will answer any of your questions.
The Message Co guestbook is the perfect addition to any wedding.

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