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Possum Creek Studios

Playful, honest, real wedding photography for awesome couples in love. 

Hi I’m Ann-Louise, welcome to Possum Creek Studios!  I love the softness and beauty of weddings and prefer to let things happen rather than be too structured.  I especially love those ‘in between’ moments that all too often go unnoticed.  To me, a great photo is one that makes you FEEL something.  It’s my ultimate goal to achieve this with every image at every wedding.

My other focus is to balance professionalism with friendship.  I love to take time to get to know you before the wedding day, so that the person you hire isn’t a stranger.  Who you are, your love story and your lives is what I’m interested in.  

I am based in Byron Bay Australia, but I travel all over the place for weddings.  Seriously!  I regularly drive to my hometown of Brisbane to photograph weddings and visit my family & friends.  Destination weddings have taken me to Hayman Island, Lake Como (Italy), Uruguay (South America) and Bali and I’m looking forward to photographing a wedding in Tuscany in the upcoming months.  However I believe it’s not the destination but the PEOPLE that truly makes a great wedding!

I can’t wait to hear more about you, your partner and your wedding plans.   This is just the beginning, so head over to my website or send me an email to find out more and start your wedding photography adventure!

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