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Gather’s dried flowers explore the ideas of longevity and sustainability with impressive flower art authentically inspired and created on a daily basis. Stretching the boundaries of traditional floral design, the Gather team support locally grown botanicals, working with Australian farmers who grow exquisite and undeniably beautiful native wildflowers, helping to keep our footprint light and support local economies and small business along the way.

We have designed unique wedding stories to suit different themes, locations and pallets. Like all our flowers, our wedding bouquets will change slightly during the year dependent on availability and season. The experienced floral team fuse dried and delicately dyed and preserved flowers and contrasting foliage with unexpected natural ingredients such as peach hakea branches, cotton stems to dried palms in soft shades of beige and olive green. Playing with pastel shades of blush pinks and apricots, rusts and warm mustards to passionate, confident and fiery reds, the creative engines at Gather are continuously evolving. New dried wedding flower bouquets designs are added to the ever evolving ecommerce online store each and every week.

We endeavour to use natures discards and everlasting blooms to colour our lives and provide magic moments – magic flower moments that can be enjoyed long-term well after the big day is over. xxx

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Pewter Bouquet
Wild Woods Bouquet
Wild Berry Bouquet

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