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Florin Lane

We are not traditional.
Here at Florin Lane, we are a husband and wife team that is all about the love and adventure. We are the kind of people who get excited when we see couples doing it their way… even if (especially if) that means eloping on the edge of a cliff during a storm or getting matching tattoos on the way to your wedding.
To us, photographing is our way of immortalising the authentic, crazy, hilarious and insanely beautiful moments that make us who we are.
It’s not so much about the tradition, as it is about the love & connection.
When we’re not out capturing or travelling, you can usually find us at the local coffee haunts on the Tweed Coast and pretending to be tractors on the nearby beach with empty coffee cups. Or, of course, hiding out in our little den or the back of ‘Lottie’ our van, editing your gorgeous faces and the wild adventures we shared.
If we sound like your kind of people, why not catch up for a cuppa and/or margarita and we can go from there.

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