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Deluxe 360 Booths

The Deluxe 360 Booth is the photo booth reimagined. We love to bring that extra something-something to all our events and our 360-degree video booth is the ultimate party starter that will have your guests raving about it for years to come. So, let’s spin you right round baby, right round.

We want to tell you a little about what our darling booth does! The Deluxe 360 Booth takes an epic 360-degree video on our rotating camera of our guests showing off their best dance moves or striking a pose. Some guests worry that the platform moves, but don’t fear, the camera is on a rotating arm, and the platform doesn’t move at all, it is stable as heck and ready for you to carve it up with your friends and family. Your high-quality video is processed within seconds, and the best part, it is instantly downloadable, and you can share it far and wide on your socials. We personalise our video overlays for your event, to make it unique to you.

We all love to look back on photos of our wedding day, seeing the happiness and fun we all had. But what is even better is watching videos seeing our guests laughing, dancing, and feeling that joy all over again. The Deluxe 360 Booth is the ultimate way to hold onto those memories and we are here to capture those moments in the most epic way.

We are here to make your Tweed Coast Wedding a night you’ll never forget. Our booth and our fabulous attendants cannot wait to entertain you on your special day. Let’s get ready to celebrate, we love us some love.

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Deluxe 360 Booths
Deluxe 360 Booths

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