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Best Celebrant Ever

Every wedding I officiate has a little piece of me—sometimes a really big piece of me! The words I write are from the heart. They’re personal and drawn from my own experience as a celebrant, wife, mother, sister, friend, writer and girl who likes a glass of champagne!

You probably know me as Best Celebrant Ever; a business name that didn’t happen by chance. It was my wedding industry colleagues who chose it for me many years ago and it just stuck. I’m the most experienced celebrant on the Gold Coast, Byron, Tweed and Brisbane, possibly Australia. Can you believe I’ve performed more than 1,800 wedding ceremonies!

My ceremonies are professional and timeless. I even coordinate my outfit so I’m not a standout, nor wearing something your friend is! I have a great PA system so your guests can enjoy listening to all those special words you’ve chosen.

With me, planning your wedding is going to be personal, easy and stress-free. And I really mean that. I’m incredibly organised and reconfirm everything in the lead-up to the day. My plan is always to make your wedding day super special without you even noticing. The right celebrant – the best celebrant – can make your wedding day amazing, relaxed and fun.

On your wedding day I want you to feel relaxed in my company and in the company of your guests. I want you to have a ceremony that reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple. I want the day to be beautiful (not necessarily perfect because nothing ever is – that’s not life!). I want your guests to walk away with a feeling that they witnessed something special.

Let’s talk about your wedding.

Clarah xo

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