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Everything You Need to Know About The Roadmap for Weddings in NSW

NSW couples – get ready to pop the champagne, because weddings are BACK and we couldn’t be more excited!

It’s safe to say it’s been a tumultuous 18 months for couples planning their wedding during a global pandemic (hello, snap lockdowns, border closures and dance floor bans). But now that the Roadmap for NSW has been announced, we finally have a clear picture of what weddings will look like over the coming months – and it’s definitely good news for our NSW couples (especially for those who want to leave 2021 behind and celebrate before the year is out!)

So, what exactly does the NSW Roadmap mean for your wedding? We totally understand it can be confusing to keep up with the constant changes, so we’re here to simplify it for you. Keep reading as we unpack the 3 stages of the NSW Roadmap below, and why the Tweed Coast is the perfect place to plan your upcoming nuptials.

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Roadmap for Weddings in NSW: Stage 1 of the Roadmap (11th October)

Stage 1 of the Roadmap officially kicked off on Monday the 11th of October. Several restrictions are now eased for people who have received 2 doses of their COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s what this means for your NSW wedding:

-Weddings can now host up to 100 fully vaccinated guests, with dancing now permitted (woohoo!). Eating and drinking must only occur while seated

-Hairdressers and makeup artists are allowed to return to work, with a cap of 5 people per premises

-Churches and other places of worship will reopen, subject to the 4sqm rule, with no singing

-Up to ten visitors are allowed in a home where all adults are vaccinated (not including children 12 and under)

-Carpooling is allowed

-Masks are no longer required outdoors (except for hospitality staff), but are still required indoors.

-Travel within Greater Sydney is permitted, although travel to regional NSW is still closed until Stage 2 of the Roadmap.

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Roadmap for Weddings in NSW: Stage 2 of the Roadmap (end of October)

Stage 2 of the Roadmap will begin once NSW has reached 80% double vaccination – predicted to be by the end of October.

At this time, further restrictions will be eased for fully vaccinated people, including:

-Uncapped guest numbers, subject to the 4sqm rule

-Eating and drinking will be allowed while standing

-Unrestricted travel within all areas of NSW (including the Tweed Coast!)

-Up to 20 visitors will be allowed in a home where all adults are vaccinated (not including children 12 and under)

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Roadmap for Weddings in NSW: Stage 3 of the Roadmap (1st December)

Stage 3 of the Roadmap will commence from 1st December, 2021. At this time, COVID restrictions will ease even further and apply to everyone, regardless of their vaccination status.

Here’s what this means for your NSW wedding:

-Uncapped guest numbers, subject to the 2sqm rule

-Churches and places of worship will also move to the 2sqm rule, with singing now allowed.

-Unlimited number of people allowed in your home

-Masks will no longer be required inside, except for front-of-house hospitality workers

What About Interstate and International Travel?

At this stage, the only unknown is when other states will reopen their borders, and when quarantine settings will change for international travel. The Roadmap states there will be “altered quarantine settings for international arrivals” from the 1st December, so watch this space – we will be sure to update you as soon as any changes are announced. We are ready and waiting with open arms for the other states to join us!

In the meantime, you may want to consider organising a ceremony live-stream for any loved ones who are unable to join you in person.

Image 1: Cloud Catcher Studio / Image 2: Figtree Pictures

Plan Your Destination Wedding Here on the Tweed Coast!

Now that the Roadmap has been revealed, we think the Tweed Coast is perfectly positioned to become the new hub for NSW weddings. Our region is the closest thing to a “destination wedding” experience for NSW couples, without having to cross borders or hop on a plane.

Here on the Tweed, we have an incredible array of coastal and hinterland venues, plenty of local accommodation options, and beautiful weather year-round. Many of our venues have large outdoor spaces to help you abide by the square-metre-rules, with all-inclusive packages to make the process super seamless. Each of our venues are also equipped with a COVID-19 safety plan – so if you have any questions regarding guest capacity or additional safety measures, they’ll be able to put your mind at ease.

We know it’s been a stressful 18 months for engaged couples, wedding venues and suppliers – but finally, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We are BEYOND excited to see weddings getting back to normal, and can’t wait to welcome you and your loved ones to explore our beautiful region.

Ready to start planning your Tweed Coast wedding? Get started by browsing our handpicked venues and local suppliers, or find Real Wedding inspiration over on the blog. Our annual Tweed Wedding Trail is also returning in 2022 – you can learn more about the event here and mark the date in your calendar!

Please note, the above information is based on the most up-to-date guidelines at the time of publishing (14th October)

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