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Light up your night! – Weddings Lighting tips from AVIDEAS

When it comes to creating beautiful Weddings here on the Tweed Coast, we make it easy for you with a number of stunning wedding venues to choose from.  However, if you want to take your Tweed Coast wedding to the next level, it all comes down to lighting.  Wedding lighting can do as much for the feel and vibe of your wedding as your wedding flowers and your wedding styling.


AVIDEAS are a family run lighting business based out of Brisbane QLD and service the Sunshine Coast QLD down to Byron Bay, Northern NSW.  Don’t be fooled however by the family run part, this is no backyard job, AVIDEAS have been guiding couple towards realising their lighting dream for almost a decade now, and because they keep it in the family (not in a mobster kind of way) they are able to make sure all your wedding lighting dreams come true at a great price!


We are lucky to say that AVIDEAS are a Casuarina Weddings supplier, and even luckier to have caught up with Chris from AVIDEAS lately to pick her brain about her thoughts on what we should all be keeping in mind when considering lighting on your wedding day.



“Lighting adds ambience, style, romance and WOW to any space” Says Chris from AVIDEAS.  Above is a perfect example of this at Osteria Casuarina.  Captured by the super talented Paul Bamford from Finch and Oak, this picture oozes romance and style


Chris believes that “ceiling installations of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and structures” are the key wedding lighting trends for 2017.  As well as “shades with masses of florals,  bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs” are her exact words!


Venue: Casa Ciani Image Via Figtree Wedding Photography
(Images via Pinterest)


Lucky for us, Chris didn’t stop there with her tips for wedding lighting trends to look out for 2017. “Bahamas luxe with cane and macrame shades, Geometrics will still be huge and the more lights the better it appears.  On point and taking on each couples individual style are clear marquees and Tipi ‘s with open space to create a festive, feasting vibe.  2017 is going to be fun….. 


Venue: The Grove – Image: Figtree Wedding Photography – Styled: The Events Lounge – Hire: Hampton Event Hire – Lighting AVIDEAS

Image via Pinterest
Image via Figtree Wedding Photography


So as you are probably aware by now, there are a thousand different ways to add lighting to your wedding day, and these are as different as every bride is different.  Chris also shared her tips on what to and what not to do when coming up with your wedding day lighting plan.  As everything on your wedding day, the better planned you are coming into it, the better the outcome!  So lets start with Chris’ “what not to do’s”

“Don’t have your heart set on a ceiling installation in a venue that has no rigging or points to attach to. Don’t choose a venue that doesn’t give you enough access time to install and dismantle your design.  So open ended, blank space and open minded and flexible venues is the key, this is what couples are after. Most of all…. DO NOT Leave all the venues fluorescent lights on!!!”


So how do we start with a lighting plan?  “What style and look do you want to create? How do you want to use the spaces in the venue? These are questions we (AVIDEAS) would ask on guiding and designing what installations would best compliment. For us we have around 90% of our couples come together and make plans, something for the men to get their design brain into and we love it. Are there architecture features you want to enhance or hide, lighting can do both?. Do you want to see what you are eating ? We ensure we get the balance of romance and functionality just right.”

So I had to ask… If Chris only had one light to work with, what would it be?  Well Chris, Fairy Lights and Festoon Lights are two lights, not one!  So she cheated on that answer… “They have so many varying looks and styles”


Images Via Van Middleton Photography

Images Via Shutter + Lace Photography at Osteria Casuarina



With over a decade in the industry, Chris has seen and done a lot, so we got talking about some of the most spectacular wedding lighting she has been involved in… ” The craziest was an installation of 5km of fairy lights set in a clear marquee with exactly 25cm spacing .   This installation also had a full free hung fairy light canopy over the dance floor, fairy lights in trees and this took our riggers and engineers considerable planning to ensure that it structurally sound and could be achieved and what a spectacular result it was once completed.”


The Below set was Co-ordinated for Kira and Joseph by CL Weddings and Events and Captured by the talented Todd Hunter McGraw.  Lighting by AVIDEAS


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One thought on “Light up your night! – Weddings Lighting tips from AVIDEAS

  1. It definitely makes sense to begin your lighting plan based on the structures throughout the venue. My fiance and I have been planning on getting married in an outdoor venue underneath a canopy. I definitely think that we should find a lighting service to help to make the entire vent aesthetically appealing for all of our guests.

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