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So, What’s the Deal With Kids at Weddings? We Answer Your FAQs.

Kids at weddings can be a delicate topic – and if you’re currently mapping out your guest list, you might be wondering what the deal is when it comes to the little ones in your life.

Do you have to invite kids to your wedding? How do you host an adults-only celebration without offending anyone? And if you are inviting kids, how on earth do you keep them entertained for the duration of your event?

Don’t stress – we’re here to help. Read on as we answer all of your FAQs about kids and weddings below.

Kids at Weddings FAQs | Tweed Coast WeddingsImages via Nathan Lapham

Tell it to me straight – do I need to invite kids to my wedding?

Let’s start with the million dollar question: do you have to invite kids to your wedding?

Here’s our take – there’s absolutely no right or wrong answer. It’s entirely up to you and the kind of experience you want to have! Some couples love the idea of getting the little ones involved, while others would prefer a child-free event. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, and you’re entitled to make the decision that feels right for you without feeling guilty.

Want to celebrate with your friends and their families? Great! Want to host an adults-only party? That’s completely fine, too. This being said, it’s important to consider the etiquette involved in hosting a child-free day.

Kids at Weddings FAQs | Tweed Coast WeddingsImage via Nicola Lemmon

So, what’s the etiquette with planning a kid-free wedding?

If you’ve decided to plan a kid-free wedding, it’s super important to set the right expectations with your guests so everyone is on the same page. Keep these tips in mind for planning a child-free wedding while also being considerate of your loved ones:

-Let guests know early. Don’t forget that parents will need to make childminding arrangements for their little ones, so it’s best to mention the adults-only nature of your wedding from the very beginning – don’t spring it on them at the last minute!

We’d recommend including a polite and respectful “no kids” mention on your wedding invitations or wedding website to give your guests the heads up. Try to frame it in a positive light – for example: “As much as we love your little ones, we’ve decided to host an adults-only celebration. We hope this gives you the opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy the evening!”.

-Consider special exceptions. Even if you’ve decided to host a kid-free wedding, you’ll still need to think about making some exceptions to the rule. For example: newborn bubs, or parents who will be travelling a long distance to attend your celebration. If you don’t make a special allowance for these guests, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to attend.

If you do have travelling guests, you could also suggest a trusted babysitter or childminding service in the local area to help them make arrangements. It can be a nice idea to include a note on your wedding website saying something like: “If anyone needs help with making childcare arrangements for the night, please let us know! We have some trusted contacts in the area and will do our very best to assist”.

-Communicate honestly. Many couples decide to host a child-free wedding with the exception of immediate family members like nieces and nephews. If this is the case, you might want to mention this on your wedding invitations or wedding website too, so nobody is offended on the day. For example: “Although we adore your children, this will be an adults-only celebration with the exception of our immediate family members.”

Kids at Weddings FAQs | Tweed Coast WeddingsImage via Coastal Babysitters

How do I keep kids entertained at my wedding?

If you do decide to host little ones at your wedding, you’ll want to think about how you can keep them entertained (and safely out of trouble!) throughout the evening. Our top tips would be:

-Hire a babysitting service. Having a professional on board to look after the kids is undoubtedly the easiest and most stress-free option for both you and the parents. Consider booking a childminding service (like our friends at Coastal Babysitters) who can take over the babysitting duties and give you total peace of mind for the day.

-Create a dedicated kids zone. If the kids are old enough to entertain themselves, set up a dedicated kids area and deck it out with games, snacks and activities tailored to their ages. Think: glamping tents, lawn games, picnic rugs and activity bags filled with things like crafts, puzzles, scavenger hunts, cards or board games. Depending on your venue, you may even be able to deck out a spare room as a “movie room” for the kids to wind down and relax.

-Book entertainment. If your budget allows, you could also think about bringing in a specialty children’s entertainer like a magician, balloon artist or face painter to make the experience extra special for the little ones.

Kids at Weddings FAQs | Tweed Coast Weddings

Whether you decide to host a kid-free wedding or not, it really all comes down to open communication and being mindful of the parents on your guest list. This way, you can plan a celebration that everyone can enjoy and appreciate!

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