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Is The Wedding Tax Actually a Thing?

Ahh, the controversial “wedding tax”. If you’re currently planning your wedding, you may have heard a thing or two about this common misconception!

As soon as the word “wedding” is mentioned, suppliers will jack their prices up just because they can, right? Actually, no – and we’re here to tell you why this is absolutely not the case.

While it’s true that you’ll generally pay more for wedding services compared to a function or birthday party, there are also a few very good reasons for this. Keep reading as we bust the myth of the wedding tax below, and explain exactly why things are priced this way.

Is The Wedding Tax Actually a Thing? Tweed Coast Weddings
Image via Kirk Willcox Photography

A wedding requires more work.

When it comes to your wedding day, the stakes are so much higher! Wedding suppliers understand that this day comes with a lifetime of expectations, and they go above and beyond to deliver this for you. There are countless more hours of work involved with a wedding, and the prices you pay will reflect this.

Comparing a wedding with a party or function is like comparing apples to oranges. It’s simply not the same product! There are higher expectations and higher standards for a wedding, which requires a greater investment of time, skill and attention to detail.

For example: the amount of planning and preparation that goes into photographing a wedding is vastly different to capturing something like a family reunion. Remember, you’re not just paying for the hours spent shooting photos on the day. It’s the hours of back and forth communication with you in the lead-up to your event, the time spent putting your photography timeline together, confirming your group photos, scouting locations – not to mention culling and editing thousands of photos in the weeks that follow. On the day itself, your photographer is also likely to need more equipment, and will probably have a second shooter to ensure every important detail is captured for you.

The same example can be used for a makeup artist. Getting you glammed up for your wedding day compared to a birthday dinner is not the same service. Your makeup artist needs to ensure your look is going to last 10-12 hours (without budging through sweat and tears) and look absolutely flawless in photos, all while keeping you calm, happy and relaxed.

Is The Wedding Tax Actually a Thing? Tweed Coast Weddings
Image via Figtree Wedding Photography

A wedding business has high overheads.

Remember, wedding suppliers are small business owners. And like any business, there are a number of overheads they need to maintain in order to deliver their service.

When pricing their services, your wedding suppliers need to take into account the following expenses:

-Warehouse/office rent
-Staff and contractors
-Website hosting
-Training and education

Just to name a few – not to mention leaving a little margin so they can actually make a living salary.

Again, you’re not just paying for your bouquets. You’re paying for the electricity required to power the cool room, the 4am trip to the flower market, and the labour spent cutting, spraying and fluffing each individual flower to perfection. While wedding suppliers are extremely passionate about what they do, they also need to ensure they can run a successful business.

Is The Wedding Tax Actually a Thing? Tweed Coast Weddings
Image via Nathan Lapham

Greater experience, knowledge and skills.

You’ll also find prices vary greatly between different suppliers due to their experience. Many wedding suppliers have spent years and years honing their skills and perfecting their craft. Some of them have decades of knowledge, training and experience under their belt, and their prices will usually reflect this.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. A skilled wedding supplier will pour their heart and soul into your wedding – they genuinely want to exceed your expectations and ensure your day is everything you’ve dreamed about. They have extremely high standards for their work, which means you can trust them to deliver an exceptional product. In our opinion, having this peace of mind for your wedding day is priceless.

Is The Wedding Tax Actually a Thing? Tweed Coast Weddings
Image via Figtree Wedding Photography

So, to summarise – is the wedding tax actually a thing? No, it isn’t. While you might find wedding services more expensive than other events, it’s simply because the time, skills, overheads and expectations involved are much higher. Remember, wedding suppliers are in this industry because they truly LOVE creating magic for you – not because they’re looking to make a quick buck!

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