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Don’t let this one major thing ruin your wedding day.

This is a topic that is close to our hearts over here at Tweed Coast Weddings, and one that we don’t take lightly. It’s something that could potentially ruin your day, and not only cost you thousands of dollars but cause a whole lot of heartache.

So, we ask you this one simple question;
Is your wedding venue approved to hold weddings?

Sometimes a venue can look legit. Have all the bells and whistles. Be splashed all over instagram looking as pretty as a picture.  This doesn’t necessarily mean it is operating with the right approvals, and legally able to hold weddings.

Over the years we have seen many venues shut down by council around the country, which has lead to Tweed Coast Weddings developing the blanket rule over 3 years ago to only accept venues onto our website that have legitimate DA approval to host weddings. Our team is contacted by private homes, rural farms and small properties regularly to be part of the TCW community, but to protect our couples we won’t promote venues that could potentially close down in the near future.

Rest assured, all of our venues have approval. You can view all of our approved Tweed Coast wedding venues here. 

So what can you do to make sure the venue you are selecting is operating legally, and within their rights?

  1. Ask the venue about their approvals, and ability to host weddings. Ask if they have restrictions, early curfews, or transport concerns with neighbours. Ask as many questions as you can before you pay a deposit.
  2. Research the local council website for information on the venue (or region), if you feel something is not quite right.
  3. Ask your chosen suppliers about your venue, and join facebook groups to start the conversation.
  4. Use trusted sources to research your wedding venue, and always look beyond the pretty pictures on instagram.
  5. Do your research on what it takes to be approved to host weddings, and look for warning signs that they may not be approved (for example no wheelchair access, no fire extinguishers or fire escape plans etc).
  6. Lastly, take out wedding insurance. For as little as $200, you can cover yourself from any cancellation or heartache. You can compare policies here.

Our advice, take the time to research your venue before making a final decision. Once you feel safe and secure with your venue, the rest of your planning will fall into place and you can concentrate on making your wedding the best day ever.

Just one of the approved TCW venues, Summergrove Estate

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