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A behind the scenes look into the leading Tweed Coast Wedding Venues

You may have heard a thing or two about a little gem of a venue tucked away in the quiet seaside town of Casuarina in Northern NSW. Whether you’ve sampled their incredible seasonal menu for yourself, attended one of their outdoor garden events, or seen glimpses of glittering receptions inside their refinery hall through social media – we just can’t get enough of the beautiful space at Osteria!

Not only a much-loved eatery and community hub, Osteria is also one of the leading wedding venues on the Tweed Coast. With a range of all-inclusive packages, onsite catering, and your very own dedicated wedding manager to help you through the process, it’s an ideal one-stop shop for couples wanting a relaxed and stress-free day in a picturesque location.

But a great wedding venue is about more than just the exterior appearance – it’s about the people that bring the heart and soul into the space. Behind every amazing venue is an equally amazing team, and we were lucky enough to sit down with Osteria’s Wedding Manager extraordinaire Debbie recently to chat about her behind-the-scenes insight and advice for couples on the hunt for the perfect venue.

Read on for her top tips on planning a successful day, upcoming trends, and all things weddings!

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (5)

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (2)

Thanks for sitting down with us Deb. We know you have been in the Tweed Weddings scene for a while now. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job as the Weddings Manager at Osteria?

I genuinely love where I work and the incredible people I work with. And to top this off, meeting with couples at such an exciting time and knowing that by the end of our meeting (whether they choose our venue or not) they will leave knowing what to expect on their wedding day.

Most couples have never done this before and they can feel quite vulnerable. I love building that trust and relationship, and feeling content that they have all of the information needed to make the decision that they may have been dreaming about since they were a child… their wedding venue!

Can you share with us any hot tips in your experience in planning the perfect day?

To be organised! What I love about our venue is that 3-4 weeks prior to their wedding day, we have taken control – from their ceremony to the end of the reception. It’s then out of their head so they can enjoy their hens and bucks nights, family and friends arriving, and revelling in their last days of being single.

We have their day covered, and this takes the stress away that can come from such a momentous occasion.

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (1)

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (3)

What are some trends that you are seeing, or hearing from your lovely couples that are popular right now?

I see that couples want their day to be about who they are – gone are the traditional weddings if this isn’t what they want! We find a lot of couples drawn to our venue who want a relaxed, happy occasion that brings all of their friends and family together to eat good food, experience good service, enjoy their beverages and party the night away – simplicity, but fun!

Do you have any weddings in your memory bank that are your stand-outs, and why?

I believe all of our weddings are stand-outs – we have supported our couples to create their day, and the more they show this the more authentic and fun it will be!

There have been 2 weddings that have remained with me. The first, the elegance that was created for their ceremony inside, and their reception with the wedding table set in front of our stunning curtains, a hanging installation of greenery above and candelabras on their tables. They enjoyed canapes and an alternate menu, with their divine cake as a dessert – ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

The second was when our couple had guests coming in from all over the world and they just wanted it to be like one large dinner with family and friends. The ceremony was in our garden with an acoustic musician, lawn games and a large grazing table and open bar. The reception was long feasting tables, with the couple sitting amongst the guests, loud, interactive and filled with the sound of good conversation and many laughs. The evening finished with a DJ to turn the music up and dance the night away!

We are extremely lucky to have such talented suppliers and close accommodation that is suitable for all guests. Osteria is always a great morning-after restaurant for fabulous coffee and breakfast or a recovery day session too!

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (4)

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (6)

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue

Images by Figtree Wedding Photography

What’s your biggest wedding no-no?

To me, there are no no-nos!

I would just like couples to come in with an open mind. For example, Saturday weddings are still the first to go… but after 4 years of hosting this special day, we now have weddings Monday to Sunday, through the entire year.

The Tweed Coast is the most stunning destination for a wedding, and family and friends will come to stay for 2-7 days and enjoy our amazing region. We have fabulous accommodation, restaurants, beaches, golf courses, day spas, and are only 30-40 minutes away from Byron or the Gold Coast, so guests can extend this precious time!

Also, autumn and spring weddings are always popular, although we actually have the most gorgeous winters too. Or, enjoy our beautiful beaches during summer – this is holiday time!

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (14)

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (16)

Images by Joseph Willis

What other tips, tricks or parting words of wisdom do you have for our CW community?

Ha ha! Not sure if this is wisdom, but I always ask my couples if they have any further questions, and it doesn’t matter how silly they may think it is, they start to speak and I just say ‘yes!’. You can bring your dog to the ceremony, we are also child-friendly!

My wisdom… to finish, I just want to say that on your day, “just breathe and enjoy every moment”.

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (12)

Behind the scenes Osteria Casuarina Tweed Coast Wedding Venue (13)

Images by Ivy Road Wedding Photography

With such a passionate team on board, it’s not hard to see why this sought-after venue is just so popular. If you’ve been dreaming of a relaxed wedding on the Tweed Coast with a hands-on and experienced team to help you navigate your way through the process, Osteria may just be the perfect pick for you.

Whether it’s an intimate cocktail party in the garden or an ambient candlelit dinner inside the hall, we’ve seen some seriously beautiful weddings executed to perfection at Osteria. With all-inclusive packages and both indoor and outdoor spaces to take advantage of, you can rest easy knowing that your wedding day is in good hands with an incredible team working hard behind the scenes to bring it all to life!

A huge thanks to Deb for taking the time to give us some unique insight into the world of weddings at Osteria. For more information of this Tweed Coast venue and to download a wedding kit, head over to the venue page.

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