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6 Wedding Traditions You Can Forego!

Some wedding traditions have been around for centuries, but in today’s modern world? You have complete freedom to pick and choose the traditions that feel right for you.

At the end of the day, your wedding should ultimately reflect who you are as a couple. And if that means wearing a hot pink jumpsuit, walking down the aisle with your pet or scrapping the first dance? We say, go for it!

There are plenty of traditions you can tweak to suit your personality, or even ditch altogether. Keep reading for 6 wedding traditions you can totally forego (and some alternative options you may prefer instead).

6 Wedding Traditions You Can Forego! Tweed Coast Weddings
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Tradition: Walking down the aisle

Traditionally, the father of the bride would walk her down the aisle to give her away. While this can be a sweet moment for some, it’s definitely not a tradition you should feel pressured to follow if it doesn’t suit your personality or relationship with your dad.

There are so many great ways to shake up this tradition. For example:

-Walk down the aisle solo, or together as a couple

-Have another special person walk you down the aisle – your mum, grandparent, step-parent or beloved family pet

-Scrap walking down the aisle altogether! Arrive at the same time as your guests, spend some time mingling over a glass of champagne and then gather everyone together for an informal ceremony.

Tradition: The first dance

We get it – slow-dancing in front of a crowd can feel a little daunting! If sharing a romantic first dance together just isn’t your style, go right ahead and ditch it from your timeline.

If you’re looking for some alternative options to kick-off your reception festivities, you can:

-Start the night with a champagne tower

-Ask your DJ or MC to invite all couples onto the dance floor

-Honour the longest-married couple in the room by asking them to share a dance together

6 Wedding Traditions You Can Forego! Tweed Coast Weddings
Image by Cloud Catcher Studio

Tradition: Not seeing each other on your wedding morning

There’s no set rule that says you can’t see each other on the morning of your wedding. In fact, spending some time with your soon-to-be hubby or wife can be a beautiful way to start the day (and will probably calm your nerves before the ceremony!).

Why not:

-Share an early morning experience together like yoga, surfing or simply walking along the beach before going your seperate ways

-Meet up in the morning to read each other a handwritten card

-Organise a first-look with your wedding photographer to capture the big reveal

Tradition: Having a bridal party

As much as we love a good bride tribe, we also understand that having a bridal party can be a) expensive, and b) sometimes tricky to navigate.

Whether you’re struggling to choose between your favourite people or want to cut some costs from your day, it’s completely fine to scrap the bridal party and simply share this moment as a couple.

You can still honour these special people in other ways at your wedding. For example:

-Have your closest friends and family get ready with you in the morning

-Ask them to do a reading at your ceremony or make a toast at your reception

-Involve them in the pre-wedding prep, eg: dress shopping, venue hunting, hens and bucks parties. Check out our favourite non-tacky hens party ideas on the Tweed Coast here!

6 Wedding Traditions You Can Forego! Tweed Coast Weddings
Image by Figtree Pictures

Tradition: Wedding favours

If we’re honest? Traditional wedding favours are often left behind on your tables, or stashed in a cupboard and forgotten about after the day. If you’re looking for some easy ways to trim your wedding budget, this is a tradition you can definitely leave behind (and funnel the extra money into your bar tab!).

If you love the idea of giving your guests a unique memento from your day, why not:

-Have a photo booth at your reception

-Organise donations to your favourite charity on behalf of each guest

-Create handmade favours from the heart (like your Nana’s famous homemade jam!)

Tradition: The bride wearing a white dress

Wearing a white dress can definitely seem like the “done” thing – but in reality, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing whatever you feel best in! Whether it’s an epic bridal jumpsuit or a sequinned gold dress, your outfit should reflect your personality and style. You do you!

6 Wedding Traditions You Can Forego! Tweed Coast Weddings
Image by Roy Byrne

Repeat after us: Who makes the rules for your wedding? You do! Whether you want to ditch the bridal party, plan a first look or rock a pair of cowboy boots, consider this your blessing to plan your wedding day exactly how you want to.

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